Spiritual Support

Carole Park head shot

Whole Life Reading

A Life Reading is to help you to know your Soul’s true purpose this lifetime.

All the information about your past, present and future is stored deep within your consciousness and energy field. Carole will tune into this information to give you her intuitive insight into your life experiences based on the whole life picture that is revealed to her.

The information revealed my include an exploration of hidden beliefs and old programming. Looking at lessons and growth opportunities that you may have experienced in relationships. Inherent talents and skills may be revealed that need to be explored and developed. Carole will help you to understand where you are on your Soul journey and see the bigger picture of your present circumstances.

Spiritual Counseling

Following a whole Life Reading, Spiritual Counselling will continue to help you to understand the lessons that you are meant to learn this lifetime.

Carole will continue to support you as you navigate through challenges and assist you to make choices and  the changes  necessary for your spiritual growth. You will be guided in the steps you may need to create a positive vision, transform limiting beliefs and set goals to move forward to empower yourself and open to your own miraculous potential.

“The spiritual path is all around you and with you at all times; whichever way you choose to walk it. All that changes is the way you perceive it” – Carole Park