My Infinite Tai Chi Journey

Infinite Tai Chi is a beautiful, powerful, flowing form of the Chinese holistic art of Tai Chi.

It was created by Master Jason Chan 20 years ago and although it retains all the qualities of the ancient arts it is a superb style for modern times. I had a calling to practice Tai Chi 16 years ago, I didn’t really know what it was I just knew I had to do it. I bought a couple of books and a video of a man called Jason Chan “doing” Tai Chi and thought he “looked the part”.

I began attending local classes and after 6 weeks the teacher announced that her own Master was going to visit and give a talk and demonstrate. At the time I had no idea that there were different styles of Tai Chi and it was only at this point that my teacher explained that the style I was learning was Infinite Tai Chi. It turned out that the Master coming to visit us was Jason Chan.

On meeting Jason I knew right away that I had to study with him but it was a year later when I began the Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Course. I have been teaching Infinite Tai Chi myself for over 11 years now. It is an amazing practice and far more than a form of healthy exercise; it is an experience, a way of life and of being. It produces a deep connection with nature and becomes pure consciousness in flowing movement. A meditation in movement. Tai Chi involves using a series of movements that attunes us to the vital energy – the CHI that flows through all living things. In the early stages of practice the chi helps to activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, blocked energies are released and the body cleanses itself of toxins.

Infinite Tai Chi takes this further and with continued practice we no longer only move gracefully we become naturally peaceful and grow into a radiant presence in the world. As we advance on our journey we become aware of the energy field that surrounds everything. We become more aware of our own energy/chi and develop the ability to tune into this energy.

Infinite Tai Chi helps us to cultivate and purify our chi, it becomes a potent light for healing and transformation. We use it to help us to heal through the different levels of our being. Infinite Tai Chi has become more than just a daily discipline or practice for me it is the backbone of my spiritual journey. It has transformed my physical and energy bodies, strengthened and calmed me emotionally and opened my consciousness to levels that previously I could not have possibly imagined.

I am truly on the Path to wholeness. My continued study with Master Jason Chan and dedication to this practice along with my work as an Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation teacher has resulted in a beautiful expansion of my Soul. I am deeply inspired to share my experience with other people who have a similar calling to this unique spiritual discipline.
If you feel that you have a deep yearning to grow and expand spiritually and commit to a true path and you are inspired to work with me please follow the links and join me and other similarly inspired Souls on an Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Course that I will be teaching in Leeds starting September 2015.

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