Infinite Tai Chi



Infinite Tai Chi is designed to balance the whole physical, energetic, emotional and mental systems. When we are not in balance we become tired, drained, stressed and ill. Sometimes chronically or terminally. When we bring ourselves back into a natural state of balance and harmony we become radiantly healthy.

Infinite Tai Chi was created by Master Jason Chan and is an amazingly beautiful art form; a gentle but powerful tai chi form consisting of flowing movement that revitalizes the physical body and energetic system, calms emotions and restores the inner peace of mind.

Infinite Tai Chi is all about living in harmony with nature and our surroundings, it is a unique form of the ancient art of Chinese holistic exercise that is a complete experience – a way of life.

With regular practice Infinite Tai Chi becomes a moving mediation and consciousness in movement. 

We do not only move gracefully but emanate light through movement so that our own inner radiance shines forth.  With continued practice, Infinite Tai Chi  returns us to Wholeness and Oneness.

“Truly, to be stiff and hard is the way of death; to be soft and supple is the way of life” — Lao Tzu

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