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Working in the Chinese Community…

About three years ago I suddenly and quite unexpec tedly found myself in the centre of the Chinese
community. I now run regular classes at Leeds Chinese Community Centre. I have taught classes at
Leeds Chinese Community School and I love to participate in Chinese New Year Celebrations. I work
with different Chinese and Vietnamese translators to help share these beautiful practices with
different cultures.

My classes and workshops attract people from very diverse backgrounds these
days and I love the way the Chi that flows through the practices that I share overcomes any
language, culture or age differences. I find that people from Eastern backgrounds are great fun to
teach and very open to the practice of Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Ling Chi Yoga and Meditation.

In return, I have learned and continue to learn a tremendous amount about Eastern philosophies and
customs. I’m really looking forward to expanding this area of my work. One of my aims for the
future is to have a group of Chinese students demonstrate Infinite Tai Chi at Leeds Chinese New

If you are interested in learning any of the disciplines featured on this site please contact me.

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