Ling Chi Yoga Classes

Ling Chi Yoga Classes

Ling Chi Yoga

New Classes Start 26 September

7pm – 8.30pm

Robert Windle’s Foundation

The Old Grammar School

Earby, BB18 6QF

£40 for 6 classes. After attending 6 consecutive sessions 7th is FREE

Infinite Tai Chi Classes

Infinite Tai Chi Classes

11am – 12.30pm
£10 per class
Eastburn Fitness
Eastburn Mills
Eastburn, Keighley BD20 7SJ

7pm – 8.30pm
£40 for 6 classes. After attending 6 consecutive sessions 7th is FREE
Robert Windle’s Foundation
The Old Grammar School
Earby, BB18 6QF


Ling Chi Yoga/Healing Course

Ling Chi Yoga/Healing Course

Starts Autumn/Fall 2020

Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Ling Chi Healing Arts

Ling Chi Healing  療法 

Ling Chi Yoga  靈氣瑜伽


Ling: purity

Chi: life force, breath, subtle energy

Healing: return to balance & well-being


We all have times when life is a struggle, stressful and even overwhelming and the smallest thing can be the final straw and we’ve had enough.

Maybe we know what the problem is but often we don’t. Something outside of us can trigger an emotional response and we react vehemently without really knowing why. Consequently our physical, energetic and emotional health suffers and our mind loses focus and clarity.

Ling Chi Healing can help you to become balanced and whole. There are two approaches.

Ling Chi Healing may be experienced as a one to one therapy session which involves Carole assisting the opening and cleansing of your energetic/chi body. Your chakras and whole energetic system will be activated, cleansed and balanced enabling the deeper causes of your discomfort to be revealed. Carole will help you to release and transform old patterns and obstacles that may be holding you back from realising your true potential.

Ling Chi Healing may be experienced by the practice of Ling Chi Yoga as a one to one session or in a small intimate group. This incorporates the practice of different aspects of the Yoga Sutras with the powerful Ling Chi ( Healing Light). You will gradually learn how activate your energetic system with yoga, identify your old blockages and burdens and transform them as Carole holds you in the Ling Chi.

 “Free from anger and selfish desire, unified in mind, those who follow the path of yoga and realise the Self are established forever in that supreme state.” – Bhagavad Gita





Chinese Community Updates

Chinese Community Updates

Strengthen & Be Inspired
身心健體, 積聚能量

Relax Uplift Balance Energise
強身健體 啟迪心靈

Ancient Arts for Modern Times

Digital image
Digital image

My Infinite Tai Chi Journey

My Infinite Tai Chi Journey

Infinite Tai Chi is a beautiful, powerful, flowing form of the Chinese holistic art of Tai Chi.

It was created by Master Jason Chan 20 years ago and although it retains all the qualities of the ancient arts it is a superb style for modern times. I had a calling to practice Tai Chi 16 years ago, I didn’t really know what it was I just knew I had to do it. I bought a couple of books and a video of a man called Jason Chan “doing” Tai Chi and thought he “looked the part”.

I began attending local classes and after 6 weeks the teacher announced that her own Master was going to visit and give a talk and demonstrate. At the time I had no idea that there were different styles of Tai Chi and it was only at this point that my teacher explained that the style I was learning was Infinite Tai Chi. It turned out that the Master coming to visit us was Jason Chan.

On meeting Jason I knew right away that I had to study with him but it was a year later when I began the Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Course. I have been teaching Infinite Tai Chi myself for over 11 years now. It is an amazing practice and far more than a form of healthy exercise; it is an experience, a way of life and of being. It produces a deep connection with nature and becomes pure consciousness in flowing movement. A meditation in movement. Tai Chi involves using a series of movements that attunes us to the vital energy – the CHI that flows through all living things. In the early stages of practice the chi helps to activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, blocked energies are released and the body cleanses itself of toxins.

Infinite Tai Chi takes this further and with continued practice we no longer only move gracefully we become naturally peaceful and grow into a radiant presence in the world. As we advance on our journey we become aware of the energy field that surrounds everything. We become more aware of our own energy/chi and develop the ability to tune into this energy.

Infinite Tai Chi helps us to cultivate and purify our chi, it becomes a potent light for healing and transformation. We use it to help us to heal through the different levels of our being. Infinite Tai Chi has become more than just a daily discipline or practice for me it is the backbone of my spiritual journey. It has transformed my physical and energy bodies, strengthened and calmed me emotionally and opened my consciousness to levels that previously I could not have possibly imagined.

I am truly on the Path to wholeness. My continued study with Master Jason Chan and dedication to this practice along with my work as an Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation teacher has resulted in a beautiful expansion of my Soul. I am deeply inspired to share my experience with other people who have a similar calling to this unique spiritual discipline.
If you feel that you have a deep yearning to grow and expand spiritually and commit to a true path and you are inspired to work with me please follow the links and join me and other similarly inspired Souls on an Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Course that I will be teaching in Leeds starting September 2015.

Link:…………………………………………… It will transform your life forever. 

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

1:1 Sessions Pricing

 A series of sessions excluding Whole Life Readings may begin with FREE 15 minute consultation available followed by:

Carole Ling Chi Healing
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Ling Chi Healing:

£90 per session – Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes


Ling Chi Yoga:

£60 per session – Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1hour 15 minutes


Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung:

£60 per session – Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes



£60 per session – Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes


Spiritual Counselling:

£60 per session – Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes


10% Discount on 6 sessions paid in advance

 Whole Life Reading:

£60 per reading

30  – 45 minutes

Includes recording



Private Training: Full Day with Carole

£500 – Full Payment required in advance.

Eastern Culture

Eastern Culture

post image

Strengthen & Be Inspired                    身心健體, 積聚能量

Relax Uplift Balance Energise            強身健體 啟迪心靈
Ancient Arts for Modern Times          貫穿古今的傳統藝術





information about Carole Park Healing Arts

Carole Park

Carole Park

Welcome to Carole Park Healing Arts

page image Carole in yoga pose


Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. Here I hope to give you a brief
introduction to myself and my journey so far with the beautiful Healing Arts that I
practice and teach.
I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. I remember having insights and spiritual
leanings when I was young and loved fantasy and science fiction. Then as is the case with many of us I got caught up in the world survival game; the pressure and expectations based on personal power and material gain. Rushing from A to B and worrying about living a certain way rather than living a life that was natural and inspired.
I was working very successfully as a sales manager but had a deep feeling of being
unfulfilled and I was frustrated.
Then one day I experienced what I can only describe as a true Soul Calling to the Light. I
suddenly knew I had to learn Tai Chi, I didn’t even know what it was I just knew I had to
do it. I searched for classes and as the Universe would have it the first Tai Chi from that
was presented to me was Infinite Tai Chi – a beautiful and spiritually advancedform
created by Master Jason Chan. I then trained as Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation
teacher then went on to study Ling Chi Healing Art.
I soon had the inspiration to study Yoga. As I was already a full time energy worker and spiritual practitioner Yoga was a natural progression on my journey. I initially trained with DRU Yoga then studied different aspects and various styles and approaches to
the Vedic path. A very important influence in my life has been my great friend and mentor Charlotte Taylor; a gentle and unassuming Yoga Master.
Following years of working with many groups and one to one clients Yoand Healing
developed into Ling Chi Yoga. The different disciplines that I practice and share are each a path in their themselves. A
Healing Journey – paths back to Oneness/Wholeness and although they complement each other they do not complete each other. However there comes a point where there is no longer any division between them and they become a total Healing
Transformational Experience.
Now the different approaches no longer appear complicated rather they are simply aspects of The Path.
As I work with students and clients I maintain a simple approach and use an eclectic synthesis of Vedic, Buddhism and Taoist teachings.
Years of training and sharing these beautiful yet powerful ancient arts and diverse spiritual teachings has resulted in an exhilarating journey of self discovery. My whole reason for being has been challenged and I continue to transform in ways that years ago
would not have been incomprehensible. An indescribable expansion of consciousness
and connection with beautiful, powerful high energies has enabled me to hold Love and
Light to uplift the world.
I’ve been pushed and at times quite forcibly pulled on my journey. Now all the work that I do is aimed at Healing, Personal Development and Spiritual Unfolding.
I invite you to join me on my workshops, courses and retreats or on a one to one basis
so that you can share the health and healing benefits of these Sacred Art forms that have
come together with a modern approach.
I now assist people all over the world to grow and heal. I see my role as being here to
help and support you on the most exciting journey you will ever take and the greatest
adventure you will ever have.
I look forward to seeing and sharing with you soon.
“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” – Buddha