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Carole Ling Chi Healing
Ling Chi Healing Arts Ling Chi Healing  靈氣療法  Ling Chi Yoga  靈氣瑜伽   Ling: purity Chi: life force, breath, subtle energy Healing: return to balance & well-being   We all have times when life is a struggle, stressful and even overwhelming and the smallest thing can be the final straw and we've had enough. Maybe we know what the problem is but often we don't. Something outside of us can trigger an emotional response and we react vehemently without really knowing why. Conse...

My Infinite Tai Chi Journey

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Infinite Tai Chi is a beautiful, powerful, flowing form of the Chinese holistic art of Tai Chi. It was created by Master Jason Chan 20 years ago and although it retains all the qualities of the ancient arts it is a superb style for modern times. I had a calling to practice Tai Chi 16 years ago, I didn't really know what it was I just knew I had to do it. I bought a couple of books and a video of a man called Jason Chan "doing" Tai Chi and thought he "looked the part". I began attending loc...

Private Sessions

1:1 Sessions Pricing  A series of sessions excluding Whole Life Readings may begin with FREE 15 minute consultation available followed by: Ling Chi Healing: £90 per session - Minimum 6 sessions 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes   Ling Chi Yoga: £60 per session - Minimum 6 sessions 1 hour - 1hour 15 minutes   Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung: £60 per session - Minimum 6 sessions 1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes   Meditation: £60 per session - Minimum 6 sessions ...

Carole Park

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Welcome to Carole Park Healing Arts   Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. Here I hope to give you a brief introduction to myself and my journey so far with the beautiful Healing Arts that I practice and teach. I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. I remember having insights and spiritual leanings when I was young and loved fantasy and science fiction. Then as is the case with many of us I got caught up in the world survival game; the pressure and expectati...