Aspects of Light Work

How Aspects of Light Work Come Together

I’d like to welcome you to my site and this article. If this is your first encounter with me and Carole Park Healing Arts, I am delighted that you are joining me. If you have already met me or encountered me elsewhere I am glad to have the opportunity to join you again as you take another step on your spiritual path.

If you are at the point on your own journey where you are feeling that the world doesn’t offer you everything you require to fulfil your life and you sense that something is missing, wrong or simply incomplete but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is then this Path may be the one for you.

My own spiritual path began around 16 years ago. I was working as a sales manager and felt very disillusioned and unfulfilled. I was earning good money and lived a fairly comfortable, affluent lifestyle but I wasn’t happy.

Then one day when I was sitting in the bath with a bottle of wine I suddenly had a calling to Tai Chi. I didn’t even really know what it was I just knew I had to do it. It took me 6 months to find an evening class to attend at but I later found out that the teacher had recently taken over from someone else and it was preordained that I would go to a specific style of tai chi practice called Infinite Tai Chi and Infinite Chi Kung.

Infinite Tai Chi is a very high vibration spiritual form of tai chi which was developed by Master Jason Chan to help humanity to grow, heal and ultimately ascend. Infinite Tai Chi is not just physical movement but is about life itself. The experience and meaning of this practice varies from person to person, how you perceive it depends where you are on your own spiritual journey. To beginners it is a slow, graceful, gentle form of exercise that they like to practice for improved health. For more advanced practitioners it is a very deep and disciplined spiritual practice and complete way of life. With continues practice our spiritual unfolding and insight deepens and we grow on all levels of existence. We grow and our Infinite Tai Chi Form grows with us.

After studying and teaching Infinite Tai Chi I was trained in the Ling Chi Healing Art. This is a beautiful combination of earth forces, heavenly forces and human forces that assist and speed up our natural healing process, personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Almost everyone on this planet is suffering because we are separated from the Source. We need deep healing  to enable us to return to our natural state of being that is pure Love and Light. Ling Chi Healing helps us to do this.

Following my training and experience as an Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher  and as a Ling Chi Healer the inspiration came for me to learn yoga. I initially trained as a DRU Yoga Teacher in then studied different styles with various schools and masters.

As I’ve grown and expanded myself through years of spiritual study and practice and of teaching Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Meditation, along with practising Ling Chi Healing    I reached a point on my journey where these disciplines meet, overlap and interconnect. They are a fusion of these wonderful healing arts and have become one Path back home to the Light – Source

I began to use Ling Chi Healing with my yoga clients and students. I could see the energies flowing around and through people’s bodies. I was aware of their blockages and karma and it became clear to me where in their consciousness they were holding these obstacles to their truth. and developed a Sacred Movement Practice called Ling Chi Yoga.

Ling Chi Yoga uses specific yoga techniques and sequences including asanas, pranayama, bandhas, kriyas, mudras, meditations, mantras and chanting to move the prana/chi/energy through the physical body, the chakras and meridians of the chi/prana/energy body whilst indentifying the blockages and karma that hold the individual back from achieving their full potential down on earth and returning to the Source. I hold my clients in the Ling Chi and the energies they release are transformed in the Light.

There are different approaches to begin working with me you can enter via the one of the different practices: Infinite Tai Chi ; Ling Chi Yoga; Chi Kung; Meditation or Ling Chi Healing.

You can do this in person at beginners’ classes and workshops or on a one-to-one basis.

 Or on the new upcoming online series. Watch this space!

You may already want to take things to the next level and sign up for a Teacher Training Course in September

Some people begin by coming to me for Healing which involves a deep exploration of where their Soul is on its journey right now and insights into some of the karma that has led them to this place.

Whichever way you feel inspired to enter these practices after an initial experience you will more than likely feel an inner calling to proceed on this path and take things further.

As people continue their journey with me they gradually become one with the practice and the energy/chi/prana: Beginning with tuning into the breath and calming the body and mind.  Most people report that they experience a vast improvement in their health and feel stronger.  The practice of Ling Chi Yoga and Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung along with Meditation then helps to calm and balance their mind. They  become more grounded and find the world and people around them easier to cope with. The silly little things that used to bother them begin to seem insignificant.

Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Ling Chi Yoga are much more than a healthy exercise system. Yes they improve your health, but with continued practice you will begin to emanate Light through your movement. This will help you to transform into a radiant presence in the world.

As my students continue to progress and develop I see the growth and expansion of their Soul reflected in their Infinite Tai Chi Form and Ling Chi Yoga.

A deeper commitment and longer practice sessions develop naturally over time. Unlike some yoga and tai chi styles Ling Chi Yoga and Infinite Tai Chi only begin with strengthening the physical body and energy body. More advanced practitioners concentrate on building a foundation for radiant health and spiritual unfolding. The chi/prana/energy becomes purified and potent and becomes a Light for healing, transformation and miracles.  We work to cultivate this.

Infinite tai Chi and Ling Chi Yoga work together with a deep meditation practice that over time helps train the mind to focus and aid us to lead a happy life by changing the negative energies, emotions and thoughts that are held deep within the mind and body. These practices lead to an opening of the Heart Centre.

The Meditation is very eclectic and aids the practitioner in expanding into their own chosen spiritual path. This could just as easily be Buddhism, the Vedic or Yogi Path, Christianity, A Course in Miracles, Sufism or whichever path you are following. Meditation is Universal.

The deep cultivated Chi/Prana/Energy supports our meditation to enable us to connect with our Inner Light. Eventually it expands and becomes so strong that we are able to fully connect with The Light and use this to cut through all of our inner darkness, self hatred, our deepest doubts and fears. We begin to be able to expand from awareness. Eventually these practices will allow you to rise above all of your darkness and reside purely in Love and Light.

If you are at the point on your own journey where you are feeling that the world doesn’t offer you everything you require to fulfill your life and you sense that something is missing, wrong or simply incomplete but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, then this Path may be the one for you.

You may already be a spiritual practitioner, meditator, yogi, tai chi and chi kung, martial arts or energy worker, teacher or coach and have an awareness that it’s time to go deeper or expand your knowledge and repertoire.

If you are reading this article and you are resonating with the idea of deepening into your spiritual practice and growth. If you are ready to commit to something that is NOT merely to calm your mind and leave the worldly challenges behind for a while but to commit to something that with work could truly lead you to raise your consciousness and liberate your core being. IF YOU REALLY WANT THIS, THEN THIS PATH IS FOR YOU!