Benefits of Ling Chi Yoga

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Welcome to Ling Chi Yoga


Ling Chi Yoga is the beautiful organic union of the ancient art of yoga with the powerful practice of Ling Chi Healing returning yoga to it’s true purpose as a Path to self-realisation.

Ling Chi Healing

The Art of Compassion and Healing Light

Ling: purity, spiritual transcendence

Chi: life force, breath, subtle energy

Healing: return to balance and well-being

Ling Chi Healing Art created by Master Jason Chan is a combination of various earth forces, heavenly forces and human forces that assist and speed up our natural healing process, personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.


The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj meaning to Yoke, Join or Unity, Oneness, Wholeness.

Yoga is the joining or integrating of all aspects of the individual – body, mind and soul. In the world this means we live a balanced and fulfilled life. In truth the individual once again unites with the supreme. Traditional Yoga and powerful spiritual Ling Chi Healing practice synthesize into a modern approach to the study of energy work and the healing and awakening path.

Ling Chi Yoga

Ling Chi Yoga developed after years of practising and sharing Yoga, Meditation, Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and practising Ling Chi Healing Art.

I have taught and shared healing arts with many people over the last 10 years. I’ve always been sensitive and as my own consciousness expanded I found that I could sense and see the energies moving in around and through their bodies. I was aware of how these energies were connected and where they originated from. I held my students and clients in the Ling Chi – the Healing Light – and together we encouraged the deep flow of breath and prana – energy through their body. Transformational yoga healing was taking place. This is Ling Chi Yoga.



 In Ling Chi Yoga you will learn:

  • How to maintain a vibrant physical body.
  • To use traditional yoga techniques to open your energy channels and chakras.
  • Ling Chi Meditation to train your mind to be still and receptive to higher healing forces of peace, love and light.
  • To become aware of the inner obstacles that restrict you.
  • How to laser target inner blockages and old issues
  • To use specific yoga and meditation practices and techniques to help you release and transform old karmic patterns
  • The flow of energy through the levels of your consciousness – the prana shakti – will greatly improve.

This will activate, balance and realign the levels of your being whilst you are held and transformed in the Ling Chi Life Force.

Ultimate results of Practising Ling Chi Yoga

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Great sense of Freedom and Peace
  • A Warm Open Loving Heart
  • An Open Creative Mind
  • Access your own deep Inner Wisdom
  • Realise your True Potential
  • Fulfill your Soul’s Purpose
  • Speed up your own spiritual growth and move closer to pure love and light


You will recognise that Ling Chi Yoga is for you if:



You feel there is something missing in your life.

You yearn to experience more than fleeting occasions of joy.

You yearn to experience deep abiding peace.

You have a spiritual calling and you are looking for a path that includes spiritual study, energy work

and healing.

You are already on your spiritual path and have a calling to help others.

You are already practising or teaching yoga and feel a desire to deepen into the healing aspects of

this work.

You already practice healing work and know it is time to deepen into energy work to become a more

powerful healer.

You are already on a spiritual path and you are looking for a practice that is eclectic and structured.

You feel a spiritual calling and you are looking for the right path with an inspired teacher and healer.

You are searching for meaning and a vision of life that will help you make sense out of the twists and


You would like to bring your mind to a clear and focussed stillness.

To practice Ling Chi Yoga you don’t have to have:

The body of an Olympic athlete or gymnast.

A body like a pipe cleaner man.

Years and years of yoga practice under your belt.

Years of healing practice under your belt.

Although you are equally welcome if you do have these attributes.

You just need a calling, enthusiasm and a reasonable level of physical fitness.

 Yoga is: “The ability to control the fluctuations of the mind” Sri Patanjali

This definition was written by Sri Patanjali in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali known as the “Father of Yoga”.

The eight limbs of yoga are sometimes symbolically represented in the form of Dancing Shiva having four arms and four legs. Yoga is therefore the “Dance of The Eight Limbs” where the “dance” is the manifestation of the teachings of Patanjali leading the practitioner to self-realization.

Most of yoga practised today in the west is called Hatha Yoga and includes physical postures (asanas) and pranayama (breathing techniques). These are only two of the Eight Limbs. To develop a fully integrated practice and achieve the final objective of yoga all eight limbs must be included in a practitioners routine.

Further Training

As you walk the Ling Chi Yoga Path you will be introduced to The Yoga Sutras, the Eight Limbs of Yoga and further deep spiritual texts and teachings and learn how to integrate these methods and teachings into your Yoga practice and into your daily life.

Once you’ve experienced the benefits of Ling Chi Yoga and you are inspired to deepen further into this practice I will teach you how to use this beautiful organic synthesis of healing arts to help others who are ready to step forward on this path.

“One who has control over the mind is tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain, and in honour and dishonour; and is ever steadfast with the Supreme Self”

– Bhagavad Gita